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Angie-Marie Delsante was born on January of 1978 in a small town located in West Central Texas.  Originally named after a popular female Spanish singer, Angelica Maria, she seemed to be destined and acknowledged as being successful from early in her career.  Following a mixed bloodline of Hispanic/Latino, Spaniard, Portuguese, German, Scottish, Irish, 1/4 Apache, and 1/4 Cherokee Native American origins, it's no wonder how she has become so knowledgeable in her array of educational pursuits, always prepared and ready for a challenge.

She graduated High School with Honors, to also include being acknowledged for her creative writing skills.  In the year 2000, she attended ASU in hopes of becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant.  As fate would have it, she spontaneously made the decision to join the Military after witnessing the 9/11 attack on the news.  She was enlisted in the service for 6 years in the U.S. Air Force traveling from one location to the next.  As an experienced IT Systems Administrator Specialist, she continued her career in the IT Industry as a contractor.  However, that didn't last long since she only saw Information Technology as a hobby rather than a full-time career.  She then decided to follow her passion by becoming an Entrepreneur by selling various handcrafted products on Etsy and continued her creative talent in writing by being a Freelance Writer/Blogger.  Then a friend of hers introduced her to Interior Decorating and decided to pursue a career in HomeStaging/Interior Decorating to also include mastering the ancient art of Feng Shui.  She later moved to South Texas in order to continue the ladder stages of her career before an unexpected tragedy occurred.

In October of 2012, her father passed away due to Diabetes/Heart Failure/Kidney Failure, she was then motivated to become a Holistic Life Coach to help those who were seeking guidance in changing their lifestyle.  Her motivation was to help others not to make the same mistake her father made in regards to his health.  Her favorite motto is, "Take care of the body you were born with because that is the vessel you will be living in until the day comes to leave this planet; You only have 1 Body & 1 Life, take care of it as if today was your last day."  She makes it a habit to follow Spiritual Living, Clean Eating, Daily Exercise, Yoga, and Meditation.

Despite her vast experiences throughout her professional career, she still continues to follow her "true" passion, writing.  She is currently working on a Young Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy Trilogy and also pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources and a Masters in Marketing Management while throughout her writing career.  She enjoys learning about new concepts, different cultures, and obtain vast amount of knowledge by reading a plethora of educational resources.

She is also following her educational pursuits in becoming a playwright while being an Assistant Theatre Director/Acting Coach for young actors. She's also currently in the process of studying/learning new concepts within the field of screenwriting in hopes to later produce a few short films of her own.

When she is not writing, decorating, or coaching, she enjoys spending her quality time with friends and family.  She enjoys reading, bowling, poker, classical music/operas, theatrical plays, social events, community events, karaoke, concerts...etc.  She also stays consistent with her health and fitness by working out, cooking, eating a balanced diet, practicing meditation and yoga, as well as, getting involved in outdoor activities, such as, hiking, fishing, skeet shooting, camping, paint-balling, tennis, and the driving range.


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